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How To Drag Click More CPS

In this article, we’ll know everything from the basics of drag clicking to advanced principles similar Drag Clicking. With Tape or without Tape. So, if you’re set to show your Minecraft and Roblox participant what you’re made of, also let’s get to Drag clicking companion.

About Drag Clicking 

About Drag Click

Ok, let’s launch with the easy effects and work our way up to the top. Drag clicking with tape or without tape is really what it says in the name, it’s dragging your finger across the surface of the mouse. Doing so makes resistance between your finger and the mouse buttons. By the way, we have the Stylish Drag Clicking Mouse companion, so get those and ameliorate it further.

As you start to drag clicking, sobriety pulls down the switch. Since your finger continues to glide across the buttons, the switch keeps pressing and hopping right back over. This lets your game record several clicks rather than one.

I wouldn’t condemn you if you didn’t get it on the first pass. Believe me, I plodded too when I came to know about drag clicking

So, the point your mouse registers innumerable clicks at formerly raises your CPS (clicks per second). The further CPS you have, the further regular and quick action you’ll do in-game. Doesn’t matter if you’re making In Minecraft, tilling XP, or doing PVP, you’ll place down bricks hastily, collect particulars hastily, attack hastily, and the list goes on. 

Note: The world record for the greatest number of clicks per second (CPS) is614.1.

How to Drag Click 

Knowing how to drag click on any mouse takes tolerance. It’s not a commodity that you can get within many hours or days, knowing how your mouse buttons serve and changing the fashion consequently is important. 

Clean up the Mouse face 

Squeaky Clean Mouse = More Grip and Friction 

After extreme sessions of gaming, your mouse surface becomes alloyed with sweat and dirt. Whether you operate the mouse at work or for gaming, there’s no escaping the curse of smut.

So, first effects first, drawing up your mouse face is demanded to produce enough conflict between it and your finger. This will affect a softer cutlet slide and help you drag click fluently. 

The things you need to clean your mouse are

  1. Microfiber Cloth 
  2. Alcohol Wipes 
  3. Small Toothbrush (Soft) 

Now gently dab the face of your mouse, beginning from the top of the buttons down to the base. Rub the spirit's swab entirely until the complete face of the mouse is covered in isopropyl alcohol

For the coming part, rub the toothbrush over the mouse cover and clean out any stains or dirt. The dirt generally gets over the buttons so make sure to get that too. After brushing, repeat the first step and marshland over the mouse's face with an alcohol tar again.

Incipiently, wash your mouse with an antimicrobial fabric. Make sure that the mouse is dry and has no sign of dirt. And that’s it, you’re all set to carry on to the coming step of the drag clicking tutorial.

Hand Positioning and Movement

The Hand Movement after completely drawing your mouse, now it’s time to get a relaxed grip on it. Hold the mouse as you typically would with the thumb on the side and the rest of the finger on top of it. Place your indicator cutlet on the bottom of your mouse button so that it’s hardly connecting with it.

Now that you have placed your hand on the mouse, move your finger along the base of your mouse button towards the top. Keep the force light, and movement smooth and steady. However, you should hear several clicks sound 

contemporaneous, nearly like a “grinding” sound, if you’re doing it right.

Validate Your Drag Clicks

still, that’s good enough to know that you’ve successfully learned how to drag click,  if you’re getting tactile feedback. But, if you want to go the redundant afar and validate if your PC is registering the drag clicks, you can use an online tool.

You can click counters from any of the websites online like from rapid-fire tables or click hustler. These tools will display the number of clicks you have pressed in a single case. So, if you’re drag clicking, you’ll see the number of clicks the PC registered. 

Quick Tip To know about the stylish mouse for drag clicking, check out our companion right then.

How to Perfect your Drag Clicks

Grip tapes for Drag Clicks

veriou mouse to improve your drag clicking

literacy to impeccably drag click requires a lot of practice and drawing up of your mouse. But you can make this literacy wind a little hastily by using some tape recording on the mouse buttons.

Yes, it’s a fairly uncredited system but works great for numerous druggies. By slighting tape recording on the mouse buttons, you can increase disunion a lot. also, you won’t need to worry about drawing it after every game session for optimal performance.

Then are some of the mouse tape recording recommendations for drag clicking.

Electric Tape:

 If you’re looking for an affordable tape recording option that’s readily available in your house, electric tape recording is the way to go. Used for substantially covering up electric cables, it’s also great at adding disunion and giving you increased CPS. You should try it and see how it goes for you.

Razer Tape:

 This alternate option is a bit expensive. However, if you hear the name razer, you know it’s not a cheap result, albeit not a bad one. Razer has textured tape recording that significantly increases your CPS rate by at least 2- 3 clicks and also gives you a great grip on the mouse. However, several off-brand grip videotapes are available online, if you’re willing to go for a fairly cheaper option.

Silicone Grip Tape:

Recording by combining the affordable nature of electric tape recording and the great performance of razer tape recording, we get the Silicone grip tape recording. It can fluently work with nearly every mouse and presently gives a boost to CPS. It’s a no-brainer really if you want a cheaper result.


Drag click responsibly. That’s all this article going to say. Sure, it gives you a lot of power in games, and speaking from a particular experience, it’s really fun. However, try grip tape recording, If you suppose your mouse isn’t giving you important CPS. still, you should also keep its downsides in mind and only try to use this fashion when you need it. Other than that, go nuts and have a great time gamer.